Bhutan Art and Craft

There is sacred meaning in Bhutanese architecture. Bhutanese art is religious and it does not exist by itself. The traditional Bhutanse art and architecture are unique and beautiful. They are highly decorative and ornamental. The amazing part of traditonal Bhutanses architecture is that it does not use either nails or iron bars. The Bhutanese architecture grandeur is exhibited in the form of Dzongs, monasteries, temples, chortens and traditional Bhutanese houses.

The genius of Bhutanese art is best expressed in dances and paintings. Bhutan's thangkasĀ  and mandalas depict an artistic skill and a rare exquistie fineness. The mandala or mystic circle represents the Buddist concept pf cosmogony of the universe. The statues are made of wood, stones, bronze, coral, pearl and , other expensive materials, which depict fine craftsmanship of the Bhutanese artists. Such beautiful and precious art & architecture is very important for Bhutanese and visitors alike.